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Jewellery for Yourself

Bespoke jewellery is designed and made to fit the wearer’s character and body perfectly. Clio is here to help you create your dream piece of jewellery, something to join you on your adventures for years to come.


At Clio Saskia we cherish the opportunity to help customers express themselves. Everyone is different, and those unique qualities can and should be reflected in the jewellery we choose to wear.

Jewellery for a Loved One

Designing a piece of jewellery for a loved one is a thoughtful and wonderfully personal way to show how much they mean to you. Bringing your ideas to life in beautiful, meaningful jewellery is what we do best.


Finding a designer who understands you and your ideas is essential. Clio's skills and expertise allow us to work with you as a creative sounding board, translating your ideas from imagination into reality.


How long does it take?

Normally the process can take from 4-12 weeks depending on how quickly we settle on a final design, and the materials and processes used to create the piece. If you would like a piece to be completed before a certain date or occasion, let us know and we will do our best to complete your design on time.

How much will it cost?

Our first introductory appointment (virtual or in person) and the follow up appointment to discuss initial design ideas are both free. We will discuss your budget, and once you have settled on a design we ask for a commitment from you with an initial deposit of £200 to cover our design time for your piece. This is non refundable, but it will form part of the 50% deposit once we proceed to the making stage. Final balance to be paid upon completion of your piece.

How much do I need to know about jewellery design?

First and foremost we listen carefully to what you want. Everyone is different, so we will discuss your ideas and then present a few design ideas in response to our initial chat. Some people come to us with general concepts or ideas, others bring detailed drawings, and some bring gemstones or old jewellery to design into something new. Whatever you come with, we take great pleasure in helping you bring your ideas to life.


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A selection of favourite projects and unique pieces Clio has made for clients over the past few years
Marie & Christian
Adventurous and with a passion for travelling, Marie and Christian approached Clio to design their bespoke wedding rings. With plans to secretly elope after 12 years together they were excited to surprise their friends and family. 

Their brief was traditional with some personal detailing in 18K yellow gold to represent their trusting, yet adventurous life together. A generous 5mm wide band for Christian was detailed with 2 rings of beautiful, textural millgrain, and Marie's elegant fine band was detailed with one matching central ring of millgrain. 

They were happily married in the USA and currently continue their adventures in Australia.
This voyage of discovery was a real meeting of imaginations. Vivian followed the making of the Chameleon Ring closely, and before completion reached out with some questions and suggestions for the piece. 

Inspired by the conversation, Clio embellished the design with more features, such as the emerald eyes and the large sapphire being licked up by the chameleon's tongue. It is a wonderful experience to meet people who are similarly passionate and creative, willing to share ideas and let their imagination fly. 

While this one of a kind piece is still on display, it is now reserved and no longer available for sale.
Frances & Emilio
Frances and Emilio approached Clio to design rings for their engagement and wedding. Emilio proposed to Frances with a delicate oval sapphire engagement ring, for which she wanted to design a simple flowing wedding band. 

Frances was gifted a beautiful heirloom wedding ring from her grandfather for Emilio to wear, alongside which he wished to wear a small sapphire engagement ring as a representation of the equality in their relationship. From Clio's selection of ethically mined sapphires they chose a rich blue triangular stone in a bezel setting, which is specially formed to fit alongside the heirloom wedding band. 

They married in London in 2018, and have just celebrated their son's first birthday.
Charles & Andrea
Charles approached Clio to design some fun earrings for Andrea's birthday. The brief was to design earrings which could be worn comfortably every day. Charles also requested a selection of gems which complimented Andrea's style. 

Opting for a huggie earring design as they are fantastically comfortable, they have an invisible hinge. For the gemstone colours Clio took inspiration from their home, which overlooks the seaside, choosing a selection of blue, purple and bright green stones in a textured, natural layout.
This pendant was designed in secret by a friend for Fani, who lives overseas, and wanted to design a piece of jewellery for her birthday which she could wear every day. The initial conversation helped to form a clear idea of Fani's personality, allowing Clio to design a pendant that would suit her and which she could wear comfortably around the workplace. 

The final design was inspired by the Urchin Stud from Clio's first collection, Where The Wild Things Are, and the chain style was carefully chosen to compliment and be worn alongside Fani's other jewellery.