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Sizing Information


Ring size, bangle size and ear size can be measured using several different methods. Where possible we recommend visiting us at our London studio in Farringdon for a professional fitting. If this is not possible or you are overseas there are a number of other ways to find your size.


Visit us at the Goldsmiths' Centre
Clio offers fittings to all clients at her studio in Farringdon, London. To book an appointment please email 
Visit Your Local Jeweller

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Your local jeweller can accurately take your ring and bangle size. For rings, there is often a big difference in finger size from your left to right hand. Be sure to decide which finger and hand you want to wear your new ring on, and ask your jeweller to write down your size. 

If you are in the UK this will be a letter of the alphabet, whereas in the US and Europe it will be a number. 


Ring Size Chart

Multiple Finger Rings
With alternative designs, such as the Double Slink Ring, follow our instructions for sizing on all our non-traditional ring designs.

Please choose the hand you wish to wear your ring on, and find the size of the largest finger which you will be wearing the ring on. For example, if you will be wearing the ring on your middle and ring fingers, take the ring size of your middle finger.



If you have a tape measure you can find your bangle size by measuring your left or right wrist. Wrap the tape measure snugly around your wrist, then loosen it enough so that you can fit a finger between the tape measure and your wrist. Write down your size in millimeters, centimeters or inches.

Bowerbird Bangle


If you have any further questions with regards to your size, please feel free to send a message to